Dani Saveker studied Product Design and Marketing at the University of Teesside before joining her family’s manufacturing business. Always fascinated with creativity and design, she enjoys capturing notes from books, workshops, presentations and talks in a visual way.

Turning this passion into something a little more, she began publishing her first Visual Synopses in 2017 – without considering the reaction that would follow.

Authors, publishers and audiences now follow and share her work as well as using it for promotional and educational purposes.

She’s even turned her own IP and framework for GLAS (Global Life Alignment System) into a visual synopsis! If you look carefully you’ll spot a GLAS influence within most of her drawings.

Strangely, and despite her prolific reading of business, psychology, human behaviour and other non fiction books – Dani admits to having never read a fiction book!

She has an incredible thirst for learning and development and so her drawings not only look stunning but seek to capture the messages of some of the world’s greatest thought leaders in her own effort to understand and look deeper into an array of subject matter. Dani produces a Visual Synopsis, on average, every week!

Gifts of Imperfection - in progress

Gifts of Imperfection – in progress

Option B - in progress

Option B – in progress



Trusted Executive - in progress

Trusted Executive – in progress


The 5 Second Rule - in progress

The 5 Second Rule – in progress



I love taking amazing concepts, ideas and thinking and turning them into simple summaries to remind me, and others, of the key points – and why not make it look beautiful too?

Dani started out using Rhodia Dotpads, but has since sourced a UK family business that can supply A3 high quality paper Dotgrid

She uses Staedtler pigment pens for outlines and infills with  Tombow Brush pens –  each piece being drawn by hand as the book, event, topic or talk unfolds. She tries to capture the essence of the book and authors message and explains that she travels through each page with the writer.

In her spare time she’s the CEO and Founder of Families in Business and CEO and creator of GLAS; the Global Life Alignment System – also busy being mum to Ben, Max and Emmy and wife to Will.


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