GLAS: The Visual Synopsis – Dani Saveker

"GLAS - Visual Synopsis" - Dani Saveker

“GLAS – Visual Synopsis” – Dani Saveker


This visual synopsis is not of a book ( yet – there is a plan for a book in the future) but of the GLAS framework created by Dani Saveker. GLAS is the abbreviated name for the Global Life Alignment System which in an open and collaborative system to enable those that feel stuck, or struggling, in any or all aspects of life to progress.

By working through GLAS individuals, teams, businesses, schools and other organisations can discover, live and master a balanced life; a global life with clearer identities,  stronger relationships, fulfilled careers and interests and sense of purpose in a changing and uncertain world.

The visual synopsis also helps to highlight the use and scope of creating a summary of more than a book or talk – you can use these for business strategies, plans, projects and products! One visually appealing page can often have more meaning than reams of A4 words.

For information about GLAS and it’s applications – please contact Dani