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Our Terms and License Conditions

[PLEASE NOTE: I shamelessly copied this from Gapingvoid, who has been, and still is, a huge inspiration. I always loved how Hugh ‘gave away’ his art to inspire people. Thank you, Hugh.]

This site contains ima­ges for your enjoy­ment; this page attempts to clarify the terms in which they are released.

All of the ima­ges on this site are the pro­perty of and © Dani Saveker, Little White Feather Ltd. The work is cove­red by the Crea­tive Com­mons license 3 which allows you to use the work for per­so­nal pur­po­ses without pay­ment and with attri­bu­tion. We urge you to go to the above link and read the terms. Please always link to the work when you use it online, whether for per­so­nal use or in com­merce.

Per­so­nal pur­po­ses may inc­lude the follo­wing types of acti­vi­ties: Your per­so­nal, non busi­ness, non busi­ness pro­mo­tio­nal blog. Your per­so­nal Face­book page, your per­so­nal Instagram/LinkedIn page, etc.

If you use the work in com­merce, in con­nec­tion with work (which may mean on a web­site, in a pre­sen­ta­tion, prin­ted in busi­ness rela­ted mate­rials, etc.), then please get in touch and we may require the pay­ment of a license fee for the use of the work. [NB: If the Visual Synopsis is of your work, we ALWAYS say yes to unlimited digital use with no charge]

We do not con­si­der indi­vi­dual prin­ting of sin­gle ima­ges on nor­mal office copier paper to be com­mer­cial use, even if it is pos­ted in your place of work (Just like how cut­ting out  a comic strip from the news­pa­per and stic­king it on the wall of your office cubicle wouldn’t be con­si­de­red com­mer­cial use, either).

Think of our work the same way you would view work on a Getty Ima­ges web­site or busi­ness stock pho­tos. The only dif­fe­rence is that we’re not a mul­tin­na­tio­nal cor­po­ra­tion, but a small entre­pre­neu­rial com­pany where your busi­ness and sup­port really matters.

In other words, we’re cool if ever­yone else is. We have no plans to go around suing peo­ple, but that shouldn’t keep you from doing the right thing, regard­less 🙂

Thanks for understanding,