Awakening Compassion at Work – Monica Worline & Jane Dutton

"Awakening Compassion" - Monica Worline & Jane Dutton

“Awakening Compassion” – Monica Worline & Jane Dutton

This book can be summed up as ‘beautiful’ and also resonates given that I recently shared a very personal story about suffering: My Dark Companion: My Journey with Mental Health

Monica Worline and Jane Dutton explain how suffering is everywhere and how we need to notice, interpret, feel and act on it. This is what compassion is.  Compassion leads to talent retention, creativity, productivity,  client retention and loyalty. Until we honour pain with courage we can’t move to a society of compassion – and we’ve never needed it more.

Dani, this is so beautiful. What a gift to us and to the book (and all who engage it). Thank you for your artistry and insight! Jane Dutton